Saturday, August 16, 2014

finally, it's here. // an intro + story behind the logo

"I want to have a link to click on by Monday, Sierra!" "You are way too much of a perfectionist, by the time you get everything picture perfect, it'll be too late." "Everyone needs to start somewhere, you need to start now."

These were just some of the words my sister said (lovingly) to me the other day as she headed out the door to catch her flight to Colorado. I rolled my eyes, but deep down I knew she was right. I knew that if I waited until I had everything together, perfectly, I wouldn't ever start at all.

"Start what?" you may ask? Well, this. This link you clicked on. This blog you're reading. These photographs you'll be viewing. This. Photographs by Sierra. The official blog about my journey and adventure in the crazy world of photography.

To say that I'm happy you're here is an understatement. I'm psyched. :) And maybe a bit terrified. But that's okay! Someone once said that if your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough. So whatever the future of this blog is, I'm excited you and I can see it unfold together.

So here's to new beginnings! With all new beginnings come new things, like for one: a logo. Many of you have asked to see my official logo, and HERE IT IS! It's the banner to my blog, I know, but I wanted to fill my readers in with the fabulous woman behind it. It was designed by a good friend of mine, Kayla Phillips, who owns Kayla Phillips Design.

We both sat at a huge wooden table at our favorite coffee shop. Kayla with her iMac, and me with my trusty mini iPad. There were pens scattered across the table, coffee mugs that were filled with delicious caffeine, and notebooks with the ideas we brainstormed over. It was morning, so the warm sunshine flooded the room and you could see the steam float above the mugs like clouds.

photo credit: kayla phillips

 I knew I wanted the color blue since it's always been my favorite and I wanted to contrast it with white because it's so fresh and clean. (unless you're wearing white and eating ribs, you pretty much can't go wrong with that color. ;)) From Pinterest came the inspiration to do a watercolored texture, and when I mentioned it to Kayla, she said that while she had never designed anything like this before, she was excited for the challenge. A couple weeks later she sent me my finals, and I could not stop smiling. It was everything I had hoped for! Unique, simple, clean. Finally I had something with my name on it, finally I had a foundation to build on.

It was also fun to get the opportunity to work with someone who was on the exact same page as me as far as where we were in our businesess. Kayla was just starting out, I was just starting out. She didn't have everything all together, I didn't have everything all together. We were both treading water in the unknown. It was encouraging to share our hearts, our stories, and our visions. To you, Kayla, thank you for everything. Not only for the fabulous logo, but for encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and to always pursue Christ's will above my own. :)

// Next up: photo shoot in Chicago. Get excited.

Much Love,



  1. Yay! Your first post!! :-D Congrats! And I love your logo.

  2. Hurray! Go Lady, go. Looking forward to seeing lots more posts! Also, we are going to need some more family photos. ;)



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