Monday, August 25, 2014

skylar + mallory // engaged

The greatest thing about (finally) having a blog is the fact that I get to share personal favorites from my most recent sessions. Today I'm sharing about the sweet engagement session that happened just a few weeks ago with the adorable Skylar + Mallory. Skylar had lived in texas for several years when a job opportunity opened for him in California close to where Mallory lived. While the job didn't end up working out, finding the girl of his dreams did. The first thing Mallory noticed about Skylar was his tall country looks and the way he immediately clicked with her family. As she got to know him better she realized how incredible he was with people and how he was always so personable and loving. 

As I talked with mallory about their story, she kept saying how there were so many times in their relationship she didn't think it'd work out and how she had to continually trust that God was in this and that if it was His will, He'd work it out in His perfect timing. Her joy and peace was inexpressible as she talked about how God did exactly that. Every wrinkle, He smoothed out. Every doubt in her mind, He calmed. Every valley, He conquered.

I think that's what makes love beautiful. And I think that's the beauty of trusting in a God who is always faithful...even when situations seem impossible. Relationships always come with risks, questions, doubts, and even disappointments. But when two people are so focused on the other's happiness and finding out the will of God, there's an endless amount of peace in the midst of the scary yet beautiful storm.

Since mallory's family lives in the Peoria, Il. area, both Skylar and Mallory made a trip out to visit them. And of course, have their engagement photos done in the process. I was so honored when Skylar set this session up with me, and it was fun showing them all my favorite spots in downtown Peoria. Being photographers themselves, they were more than ready for a day full of photography. So that's exactly what we did!

Solid proof that Nikon and Canon users can not only work together, but fall head over heels in love. 

Photographers can't be on their engagement shoot and NOT take a few selfies. 

As you probably saw in my "about me" page, I think rainstorms are one of the most romantic thing ever. These two shots inspired me to do an entire engagement shoot in the rain. Any adventurers out there? ;) 

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