Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 // behind the scenes

2014 will go on my record as the year of constant questioning, constant learning, constant seeking, constant asking. I've enjoyed photography ever since I was a little girl, and started getting paid to shoot around 17-18. I loved it, but I had no idea where it would take me or where I would go with it. 

To be honest? The industry of photography intimidated me like nothing else. EVERYONE wants to be photographer, EVERYONE tries, and only a handful of those people and businesses actually succeed. That's what everyone told me, and my biggest fear was to invest so much money in equipment and marketing tools and at the end of the year...fall flat on my face. I went through a season of questioning my decisions, and doubting my education choices. Should I have gone to school for Business? Photography? Graphic design? 

Yet as the years went on God kept putting people in my life who'd take me under their wing and who'd voluntarily teach me. They [in my opinion] were the Yoda's in my life. I'm so grateful for these handful of individuals. 

I'm also incredibly grateful for my amazing clients of 2014. They were [to say the least] awesome. I had 5 weddings this year gaging from July 19th - October 4th and I had several amounts of senior, family, engaged couples, and even event shoots scattered throughout my business's year. My clients believe in me, they're loyal, and I couldn't ask for better people to be on this journey with me. 

I'm also [so] thankful to my lovely second shooters, Kathryn and Laura, who help on wedding days. Whether it's chasing down extended family members for family photos, pinning the boutonnieres on the groom + groomsmen, hauling my gear so I don't have to, holding up the bride's veil to get the perfect shot, or even making sure I've had something to eat + drink despite the crazy wonderfulness of a wedding day, these girls have been some of the best second shooters I ever could've asked for. Another reason why these girls are so great is the fact that they take beautiful photos. It's always a highlight of mine at the end of a wedding day to see the moments they've captured using their own creativity and art. 

Another thing they're always sure to capture, is me. Sometimes that's a good thing and other's humiliating. ;) But it's always fun. Below are just a few photos of what takes place behind the scenes. A couple are from my iPhone, a few are some I've taken, and almost all are from Kathryn and Laura's cameras. Thanks, girls! 

And to everyone else, [enjoy]. So thankful to God for a great year and excited for 2015!


This photo is one of my favorites of Kathryn and I. She had packed some coconut water for our full day of shooting in July's heat, so I was able to reap the benefits as well. We kept laughing at the fact that we were drinking "Buddha" water and it became our inside joke for the rest of that day. 

You have no idea how many chairs are used on a wedding day where the photographer is a shortie. Detail shots immediately require chairs. Period. 
Well, most of them at least. ;) 

Sinks. Who knew they could be such a help to a photographer?

I may or may not love to dance. I may or may not teach the groomsmen how to do the cupid shuffle while taking photos. 

Instructing my brides on how to pose is my specialty. Here's proof. ;)

Getting to show my brides some on-camera shots makes me so happy because I get to see their reactions. Laughing with them is an even more incredible blessing. 

"Yes...uhm...just seein' what's being served for dinner."


I love kids. Especially little girls in white dresses. Making friends with these princesses are always highlights of my day. 

The "not-so-glam" photos.

Whenever my second shooters are unavailable and whenever my family members are at the same weddings I shoot, I often grab my brother and his buddies to help me out. Here I needed to take photos of the dress, and couldn't for the life of me reach the branch [there were no chairs or sinks] Josiah (and Jesse) saved the day. 

Being in charge of THE wedding dress is a daunting task. He clearly did not want to let go... 

Josiah's face shows clear determination that that dress WAS going to reach the bride safe and sound. Do not mess with the man holding the most important thing of the day!

I shot this wedding back in September and all three of my childhood friends were there. So many memories were made with these three. <3

My partner in crime, Laura. As you can tell we were both freezing, but no matter the weather this girl is always a blast to work with. She even brings cool gear to make us look cooler than we actually are. ;) 

Well, that's a wrap! Thanks again so much for stopping in. Leave a comment and say hello!

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  1. I laughed out loud at the one where you're showing Mark and I the camera. We both look so funny! And the one where you're showing me how to pose is great too. :) It's so cool to see the behind the scenes!

  2. I always love these posts. :-) It was fun working with you!



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