Friday, January 23, 2015

baum family // portrait catch up

This past week I've been in sunny, beautiful Colorado...hence the quietness on the blog. My sister's wedding is in just two weeks, and her soon-to-be family out there wanted to throw her a bridal shower. So! It made for the perfect excuse for her and I to fly out for a week. The mountains were breathtaking as usual, and the sun was always shining. We had a wonderful time, but when I came back to Illinois I was in the mood for warmth, sunshine, and the color green. So I decided to share a family session I did late last year with the Baum family. They're a one of a kind family, and they all have some of the best personalities. What started as a session to get portraits of the kids, turned into a spontaneous family session with the family dogs (who, you will see, wanted nothing to do with having their picture taken;)). 

I had a wonderful time with this special family, and hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do. 

There's always that one person in a family session. ;) 

Much love, 


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