Tuesday, January 27, 2015

elita grace // portraits

The week before I left for Colorado, central Illinois encountered almost 6 inches of snow. The beautiful white flurries fell from the sky steadily and beautifully. I knew it'd be a winter wonderland and I couldn't help but want an on-call-model-status-in-love engaged couple to be at my place in the next 5 minutes to have a snowy engagement session. 

I didn't. 

BUT, I did have an on-call-model-status beauty to photograph...my sister, Elita GraceI haven't introduced Elita on the blog yet, so I figured today would be the perfect day. :)

Elita is our fifteen year old, and she falls in line as the fourth kid of five. She absolutely loves to take care of others when they're down, and she does an incredible job at it (whenever the time comes, she'll be a rockstar mommy). She has the biggest heart, and genuinely cares for you and your story. One of my most favorite things is that I can always count on her to be my workout buddy. She's always on Pinterest to find new + exciting workout plans for us to do, and she's always reminding me to eat more veggies and less popcorn. ;) She's an avid tea drinker, she adores dogs, she's incredibly humble, she's kind, she speaks her mind, she's passionate, she's strong, she's always ready for an adventure, and her cooking + baking skills are magicIf you ever get the chance to meet Elita, her smile and sweetness will have a lasting affect on you. Trust me. She's beautiful, inside + out. 

So much fun came with this shoot. Many laughs were had, snowballs fights (not pictured) took place, and afterward we snuggled under blankets, drank tea, and ooooed + awwwwed over the photos. 

Hope you do the same. :)

I couldn't post about Elita and NOT include photos of her and her companion, Zoe. These two are inseparable. Their relationship is the sweetest.

Much love, 



  1. She's looking so grown up! I like the ones in the tree with the snow in her hair. :-)

  2. Beautiful! Hopefully she's on the mend-- will keep her in my prayers.



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