Wednesday, March 25, 2015

paige joelle // portraits

Hi. My name is Sierra, and I'm a firm believer that impromptu photo shoots are the very best

Okay...let me back up just a bit. ;) 

This past week Paige and I set out to practice photography. She had just bought a "new-to her" camera and wanted a set apart time to experiment and get to know her camera better. And I, being a natural light photographer who had been cooped up indoors because of the dead season, was just waiting for an over 40 degree day to get out and shoot.  

We had ORIGINALLY planned to take turns being each other's models, but as I started shooting...I (selfishly;)) couldn't stop. The setting, the light, her outfit, her smile, everything was so perfect. And instead of practicing photography, Paige was able to practice on her serious modeling skills. ;) 

What began as a completely random photo shoot, turned into a unintentional styled shoot. Let me introduce Paige Joelle: my confident, spunky, fearless friend,  and our "Woodsy Travel" photo shoot. Drop me a comment, and let me know what you think.


Much love, 



  1. These are images to be proud of! Great job, Sierra. :)

    1. Thanks, Moriah! It always helps when your model knows exactly how to work a camera. :)

  2. So fun!! You girls must have had a blast!

    1. We sure did! It's so fun being able to photograph you well know! :)



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