Wednesday, June 3, 2015

jason + marlene // engaged

Hi friends! Okay, so I know it's a been a little quiet around here recently, but these past couple weeks found me way down south in the heart of Texas. Not a GREAT excuse, but one nonetheless. ;)  Every year around this time our family vacations to Brownsville to visit family and friends, and this year I was able to book a session in the Goliad area! I had never been there before, much less had had a photoshoot, so I was over the moon ecstatic to shoot in a completely new area.

As you probably have heard from the news, there had been parts of Texas where the flooding was completely unreal. Thankfully Goliad hadn't gotten hit TOO hard, but (of course) while we were just a few minutes into our decided to pour. And I mean, POUR. We were on a pretty tight schedule anyway, so when an hour had passed and the rain still hadn't let up, it was one of those situations where I had to let all my plans go, and just hope we'd have enough time for a money's worth session. As we waited for the rain to stop, we grabbed some lunch at a little restaurant called "Hanging Tree" (read up on your history of Goliad and you'll understand;)), ate massive burgers, drank sweet tea, and there had edifying conversations about life, love, and other mysteries. Finally a couple hours passed, and we were able to finish our photo shoot. By the end of our shoot I was actually grateful for the rain, it had made everything beautifully lush and perfect for a southern setting.  

I love these pictures so much! Jason and Marlene, thank you so much for letting me capture your love! You two were so fun to work with, and your joy was inexpressible. Enjoy some of my personal favorites! :) 

Much love, 


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