Friday, June 19, 2015

tyler + laura // wedding

Ever since I came home from this wedding, I've been dying to share all about it. But first, have you ever seen "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? If not, you need to. For those of you who HAVE had that pleasure, this was about as close to that wedding as you could've gotten without it ACTUALLY being a Greek wedding. Laura's family is Lebanese, and while I didn't know allot about the traditions they held, I quickly learned as I talked with Laura about the schedule of their day. Let's just say this...the parties and food were endless, the music was always loud, and there was an enormous amount of dancing. Being THAT GIRL who loves parties, food, dancing, and energy, I quickly knew this was going to be one of the most fun weddings I'd ever take part of. 

Tyler and Laura met, to be exact. Laura told me that the first recollection she had of Tyler was that he made it as "Email Tyler" on her to-do list. She told me that with all the emails flooding into her inbox from guys who claimed that she was the "love of their lives" without even knowing her, having this Tyler guy on her list was a pretty big deal. He told her that they could either get to know each other online, OR for her to give him 15 minutes in person. Just 15. It could either be the worst 15 minutes of her life, or the absolute best. So just a few days later she found herself emailing Tyler and setting up a date at Paxti's, a beautiful outdoor pizzeria in Denver, Colorado. Those 15 minutes went down as the first 15 of their beautiful love story. :) 

Sometimes there are things about a wedding that just stand out...things that set one apart from the other. The heartbeat behind Tyler and Laura's wedding was family. I felt it throughout the entire day. Through the prayers of her father, the laughter of her sisters, the tears of her mother, every moment was stitched perfectly together with love. Tyler and Laura, thank you for letting me capture your sweet celebration. Thank you for your hearts of gold, and for your unwavering love for the Lord. Thank you for letting me into your lives for such a sweet season, it was nothing but a joy! Not gonna lie...I'm blaming YOU for my newest obsession with Lebanese music. ;) 

I also want to thank my AMAZING second and third shooters, Elise of Signature Photos and my good friend, Hope. I couldn't have done this without you ladies! 

Laura is presented to her family members while her Grandfather plays the oud, sings, and while  family + bridal party dances around her. 

Laura, you were beautiful. I kept thinking "I'm literally taking photos of Belle from Beauty and the Beast"!

Tyler wins the award for having the best reaction when he saw his bride walk down the aisle toward him. I mean, c'mooonn. 

After a couple shots of the family smiling, I noticed the kids weren't going for it any longer. So I had to improvise. ;) If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! 

Most fun wedding party!

After the ceremony, Tyler and Laura headed over to a family member's house for an after party...known as the "Khameera" (don't ask me to pronounce it;)). The dough represents "The Bread of Life", and then the bride makes the sign of the cross in the dough which means that Christ will be the center of their lives.  

Apples, candy, and coins are thrown out to the crowd. The meaning of the apple is "to be fruitful", the coins represent "prosperity", and the candy represent "the sweetness of life". Afterward someone chants all the wishes that they wish for the couple as they walk through the threshold. 

Afterward there is a celebration! I told you these people knew how to party. ;)

Still my absolute *favorite*.

My favorite moment of the night was when the bride and groom walked into the reception area, and the crowd lifted them up in chairs. SO MUCH FUN. 

Family. Laura's grandfather and uncle sang beautiful songs for the newly married couple. Sweet moments!

Laura's family is beyond talented. They love music, they love shows, they love theater. Needless to say, they put on quite the show. 

Much love, 


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