Friday, August 28, 2015

the thought of being real // personal

Okay, guys. I'll be honest. I'm not a blogger. 

There. I said it. Man, does that feel good. 

In the blog post you'll read today, you'll see a side of me that tends to not be seen. Or at least, not voluntarily shown online. 

It's called...being personal. Being real. Being raw. 

If you, my reader, were to be sitting in from of me right now, I guarantee that we could talk for hours. Because that's what I love to do. Ask any of my close friends, and they'll tell you that one of my most favorite things to do is to sit and talk about life. The ups, the downs, the joys, the sorrows, the mountains, and the valleys. I call them heart talks, and man do I love them.

However, when it comes to being "personal" on a's one of the hardest things I've ever had to accomplish. It always has been. Sure, I can tell my readers about a wedding or a photo shoot I've recently done, but someone once said that a blog needs to be more than marketing posts. A blog isn't supposed to be a commercial, it's supposed to have stories, intriguing ones at that. 

As I sat on my computer and tried to type out something real, all I could do was type a sentence or two and think "There's NO WAY I'm putting that out there!" so (just so you know) the delete key has been my best friend for the past hour or so. It was like that until I started reading some of the blogs that inspire me to write from the heart. 

I came across one who's author talked about this year being the 12th year of losing her mother in a car accident. As I read her words, and felt her sadness, I was blown away with how raw she was online. How could she be so vulnerable? How could she put her heart out there like that? Isn't that stuff meant to be written in a journal, guarded with a lock and key, and THEN stuffed inside your sock drawer? I mean, how could she know who was going to read that and possibly judge her? How did she know people would even care? 

As I struggled with these thoughts, I kept hearing the word testimony come to mind. For those of you who grew up in my circles...testimonies were never really a "thing". And if they were supposed to be, they weren't. We defined the word as being the moment we accepted Jesus into our lives, rather, hen He chose to reveal Himself to us. Yet as I continue my walk with the Lord, and as I listen to the discussions of people who are much older and wiser than me, I realize that for my entire life, I've somehow adopted the wrong definition of what a "testimony" actually is. A testimony is ongoing, it never's evidence provided by the existence or appearance of my case, someONE. Jesus Christ. 

All of a sudden a lightbulb inside my brain turned on. I got it. 

"My testimony, my story, can be used by God to encourage others and prove God faithful. Other's testimonies, other's stories, can be used by God to encourage me and prove God faithful." 

When I look at blogging personally through this lens, all of a sudden my entire outlook changes. All of a sudden I want to share. 

This has what's been taking place in my heart over the last couple months...and today, as I got the words out of my head, through my fingers, and onto this blog, it makes sense. It's clear. Tami's story needed to be shared. Your story needs to be shared. My story needs to be shared. 

For just a moment I want you to go back, and think about something that happened in your life which blew your mind. Maybe it was losing someone you loved, maybe it was a betrayed friendship, maybe it as a crushed dream, a life changing mistake. Maybe it was that act of kindness, maybe it was someone's generosity, maybe it was a surprising turn of events, maybe it's that friend who turned into your best friend who turned into your lover, maybe it was a renewed friendship, maybe it was forgiveness. 

Whatever it was, whatever it's yours. It's your story. You have the choice to share and to encourage, or continue to keep it bottled up. Today I'm challenging myself to be more real, cause nobody likes a fake. Nobody likes a person who acts as if they have it all together. 

I sure don't have it all together. And you know what? No one does. 

So let's be real together, friends. Let's encourage others. Let's listen, let's cry, let's speak, let's inspire. 

Much love, and happy weekend!


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